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Wicker Furniture Buying Tips

Maybe the oldest form of manufactured furniture

Since the time of recorded history, natural materials such as wicker, cane & willow have been used to produce long lasting, beautiful furniture.

No matter its age, these natural materials have never gone out of style and are just as strong and supportive as ever.

Let's learn a little more about them.

Cane: Technically cane grass. Any of various grass plants with slender, flexible stems. They are usually jointed as seen in bamboo and rattan. The outer peel is stripped off and woven, often used in seats, backs and other outer surfaces.

Bamboo: A cane grass that resembles rattan, but is hollow and tends to split.

Rattan: Long, very tough stem of a palm. Although they are technically palms, they grow like vines clinging to trees. These stems can be bent into almost any shape with out breaking or cracking.

Rush: The stems of cattail or timothy grass are woven into a strong coarse cord or rope. These are hand-woven onto the frames for seats and backs, typically.

Willow: Branches of willow trees are stripped of their leaves, then dried and later produce the long flexible shoots used to make bent willow furniture sometimes called wicker.


Don't overlook these durable and beautiful furniture types...they can fit in with almost any type of indoor or outdoor decor.  And better yet, they withstood the test of time.

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