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Style Guide - Furniture Buying Tips

We have furniture and home furnishings to suit your home, your tastes…your style. You spend the most important moments in your life at your home.  You gather together with family during the holidays, you spend precious time with friends celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or no special occasion at all.  You watch your children outgrow their teddy bears and Tonka trucks.  After long work days, days running from room to room trying desperately to keep so many things together, all that’s left are the few precious moments stolen within the confines of your personal retreat, the empty living room, the illuminated back deck, or the serene bedroom.

Your home portrays who you are.  How you furnish your home represents what matters most to you.  On-line Searches offer you hundreds of choices in hundreds of styles for every room in your home.  Be it your back deck, formal dining room or the kid’s bedroom, We're confident you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

Here you’ll find quality products in all styles, at values that make it easy to treat yourself to that simple bedroom suite you’ll need for guests, or a dining room suite you’ll be able to pass down to your children.  Fashions change, designs change and we know that you will always want to make sure your home represents your style, no matter what the latest trend.  That’s why we carry such a large selection at such great values.
Here, you can read up on what style fits you best – and see the manufacturers we carry that suit those styles.

Contemporary Furniture - Powdery colors, straight lines and sleek styles defined the bold steps taken by designers of Contemporary furniture in the late half of the 20th century.  Breaking away from detailed carvings, floral print fabrics and dark woods those designers created a style that continues to break the mold in furniture design. 
Bedrooms, dining rooms and occasional tables feature light colored woods like maple and birch.  Soft curves rather than elaborate cut outs create a smooth look throughout your room.  Upholstered pieces showcase natural fabrics like silk or cotton, in addition to dramatic colors and natural tones.  Lighting as well as accent pieces and décor are instrumental in Contemporary styles.  Curved floor lamps, metallic finishes, silver hardware all add to the allure of our modern times.  Tie your whole decorating theme together with flattering contemporary art prints, and organic elements such as stone, wood or metal which add a soft touch throughout your home.

Country Furniture - Country style has been redefined.  No longer characterized as old fashioned or antiquated Country style has been embraced as charming, elegant and most of all comfortable.  Sure to remind you of your favorite room when you were a child, visiting your grandmother’s home, or that cottage you spend your vacations in, Country style furniture creates a warm and inviting space for you, your family and your friends.  Living rooms feature classic color palettes such as deep reds, greens, blues and yellows in delightful patterns.  Rolled arms, skirted frames and warm wood tones create a genuinely comfortable look in any room.  Whether you’re furnishing your new suburban home, a big city apartment or a quiet lake house, the drama of rich hardwoods in creamy and antiqued or washed finishes used in bedroom and dining room suites turn your house into a truly engaging home you’ll love spending time living in.

French Provincial - The look of French provincial furniture is timeless.  With a unique look all its own and influenced by the French kingdom of the 1700’s, this style brings drama, elegance and inherent beauty into your home. 

Ornate carvings, rich finishes and abundant curves make up the gentle framing of French provincial bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.  Extravagant fabrics in decorative floral patterns adorn sofas, loveseats, chairs and settees. 

French Provincial style reflects a time of regal beauty, beauty that lives on today in the furniture that lives in your home.

Leather Furniture - There is nothing like the look and feel of leather.  Classic, comfortable, soft to the touch, Leather furniture represents a level of sophistication in your home.  With the ability to adapt to any style, furnishing your home in leather provides a smooth color scheme, and dramatic visual texture.  From Contemporary to Traditional, Leather furnishings create a calming, warm and inviting space for all you bring into your home.

Mission Furniture - The appeal of Mission Style furniture has lasted years thanks to the classic and sharp design of its furniture and accent pieces.  Furnish your home with features like deep colored oak frames, straight lined designs and fabrics in warm colors to create an atmosphere of elegant comfort.  Accent those features with textured accessories such as stained glass lamps, and decorative pottery.   Let the inspirations of Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright give distinction to your home with the beauty of classic Mission Style furniture.

Rustic Furniture - You need not reside in an actual log cabin to enjoy the authentic styling of Rustic furniture design.  A rustic collection will feature a heavy emphasis on wood grains and natural markings – all of which add unique character to your pieces.  Generously sized frames coupled with a distinctive old west /log cabin feel create a home as warm, inviting and rustic as the furniture you put into it.  Whether it is a Mexican style bar in your Northwestern home, or a beautiful pine wood dining table for your metro area apartment, Rustic style furnishings bring all the charm of the great outdoors, right into your home.

Traditional Furniture - If you’re looking for an elegant way to decorate or furnish your home, why not give your living room, dining room or bedroom a taste of the French Country, British Colonial or 19th Century Neo Classic styles that have been adorning homes for generations? 

Choosing a traditional theme for your home features delicate curves and smooth, rich finishes that bring drama to any space.  Floral patterns in delicate colors adorn living room sets with rolled arms and elegant carvings on wood trims.  A Traditional home ensures you that your home will resonate a warm, inviting, time honored feel.

Transitional Furniture - The allure of timeless, traditional design is coupled with the cool, classic appeal of the contemporary to create Transitionally styled home furniture and accents.  Creating a clean and peaceful atmosphere Transitional styles blend neutral color tones.  Dark brown, olive, taupe and vanilla colored fabrics on gently curved sofa’s loveseats and chairs create a calming space while adding depth to your room.

Distinct clear lines are what stand out when it comes to transitional bedrooms and dining rooms.  You can create virtually any look for your home – Transitional case goods can feature rich dark wood finishes or clean, light wood tones.  Your tastes encompass a wide range of styles.  Transitional styling emphasizes those tastes while making your home beautiful.

Wicker Furniture - Bringing natural elements such as Wicker, rattan and bamboo into your home creates a serene and comfortable retreat your whole family can enjoy.  The perfect addition for your sunroom or patio – wicker furniture has become a favorite in the home as well as out on the deck.  The texture of the materials used in living room frames, bedroom and dining room construction brings to your home a sense of visual drama and a calming tropical sense of style your family, friends and most of all you will enjoy for years.

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