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Manufactured wood Furniture Buying Tips

Wood portrays a feeling of quality, soundness and strength in furniture...somehow  the word "WOOD" loses all semblance of quality when you place the word "manufactured" or "engineered" in front of it.

Let's put that notion to rest...

What is manufactured/engineered wood?

  • Particle board: Particle board is made from refined wood chips that are blended with adhesives and then pressed under heat and pressure to make “manufactured” wood panels.

    You can easily recognize particle board by its   chunkier surfaces and cores.

  • MDF:  (medium density fiberboard) is made up of wood pieces that are actually cooked in steam and refined into fibers. These fibers are then blended with adhesives and pressed into the form of wood panels.

    You can easily recognize MDF by its smooth surfaces and cores.

Why use manufactured/engineered wood in furniture?

Because it is...

  • stable, even more so than solid wood
  • Resistant to warping and splitting (Solid wood is very susceptible to it)
  • Less expensive to use than solid wood
  • Environmentally sound (Ensures the maximum use of harvested trees...what would ordinarily be wasted in solid wood products can be used in Manufactured wood)


Manufactured wood gives you a strong, solid, long-lasting, non-warping, beautiful wood that make very efficient use of our natural resources.

Do not let a salesperson talk you out of buy a piece just because it's made from manufactured wood.

And...don't let them talk you in to buying a more expensive piece just because it's made from solid wood.

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